Subject: English Language Studies                                     Class: Basic 5

Name: _______________________________________________ Date: ________________

INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions


My name is Jire, l live with my parents and two brothers in Abuja. l am in primary five and my brothers, Mayowa is in primary 3, My baby brother, Bode is only five months old. He stays at home with mother.

l go to a girl’s boarding school in Abuja. So l see my family only on weekends and during school holidays. l share a dormitory with four other girls . We are all good friends and so l always have someone to talk to. l never feel lonely when l am away from my friend. l love my school.

My teacher is Mrs Paul. She young and pretty but she is very strict. We cannot misbehave in her class and we always do our home work. It is good that she is strict , because we all pay attention in class and do well in ours exams.


a. Where do Jire’s parents live? _______________________________________________________

b. What are her brother’s names? _____________________________________________________

c. When does Jire see her family? ____________________________________________________

d. Where does Jire sleep during the week? ____________________________________________

e. Do you think a strict teacher can be kind ? Why? ____________________________________

SECTION B (10 mrks)

Fill in the gaps with the correct answer.

1. The hare ran ________________ while the tortoise went ________________.     [a] quickly & slowly     [b] fastly & slow  [c]quicker & slower

2. The girl ________________ won the race, was excited.                          [a] who      [b] which     [c] that

3. The girl ________________ when she saw the blood.                             [a] faint     [b] help          [c] fainted

4. She was ________________ when the phone started ringing.            [a] sleep    [b] sleeping   [c] slept

5. My brother slept early ________________ he could get up early.      [a] so that     [b] because     [c] and

6. They stayed here overnight ________________ it was too late to go home.    [a] so   [b] since   [c] unless

7. She could read, couldn’t she?        [a] Yes, she can     [b] Yes, she could     [c] No, she cannot

8. ____________ is the longest ruler among the three.                [a] Who      [b] Where      [c] Which

9. Have you seen _____________ exercise book?                          [a] Ade        [b] Ade’s       [c] Ades

10. l saw a ________________ of stars in the sky last night        [a] galaxy       [b] swam      [c] tribe

SECTION C (10 mrks)

Attempt all questions

who, which, when, where, that.   

1. Use the words in the boxes to complete the sentences:

a. The man ______________________ lives in the blue house old.

b. The cat ________________________ had eight kittens, belongs to my sister.

c. We will find new homes for the kittens _______________________ they are six week old.

d. The dog ________________________ barks a lot chased the cat up the tree.

2.  Arrange these following sentences to make meaning:

a. good quality baskets are of Nigerian ______________________________________________________________

b. Woman the beautiful is __________________________________________________________________________

3a. is the taller Rita of the twins ____________________________________________________________________

b. the does how not teach know to teach ___________________________________________________________

4. List 4 parts of an informal letter. _________________________________________________________________

5. What is the difference between formal and informal letter?  _______________________________________

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