Subject: Mathematics                                           Class: Baic 5

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all test questions

1. Solid shapes built from layers of the same shape and size is called _____  (a) 3D shapes  (b) Solid shapes  (c) Prisms

3. How many types of triangles are there?               (a) 4  (b) 6  (c) 5

4. Which of these is an obtuse angle?    (a) angle that is equal to 180o  (b) an angle that is less than 90o (c) an angle that is greater than 90o but less than 180o

5. Perpendicular lines  are lines that ____  (a) Move in the same direction  (b) Cross another line at 90 degree  (c) Are not equal to 360 degree

6. Quadrilaterals are shapes with ___  (a) 5 angles  (b) Perpendicular lines  (c) 4 sides

7. Which of these is a part of a circle?  (a) Angle  (b) Radius (c) perimeter

8. The line that cuts a circle in two is called ____  (a) parallel line  (b) Diameter (c) Arc

9. Which of these is not a 3D shape?   (a) Sphere  (b) Cube  (c) Octagon

10. The sum of the angles inside a triangle is equal to ___  (a) 90O (b) 180O  (c) 360O


Draw the following below:

1.  An equilateral triangle                                              

2. A Perpendicular line

State 3 properties of the following.

3a. Square 

b. Perpendicular lines 

4. List 3 quadrilateral shapes 

b. List 4 parts of a circle. 

5.  List 4 3D shapes. 

b. What are the following called; a shape with 

3 sides ______________________   5 sides __________________  8 sides ________________

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