Subject: History                                                                                            Class Basic 5

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

1. What is the meaning of traditional occupations?     (a) Modern jobs in urban areas

   (b) Jobs passed down through generations within a community    (c) Temporary work done for financial gain

2. Which of the following is a traditional occupation in the locality?

(a) Software engineering     (b) Farming   (c) Accountancy

3. Why are traditional occupations important in the locality?   (a) They provide entertainment and leisure activities    (b) They contribute to the local economy and culture  (c) They offer opportunities for international trade

4. What are some traditional occupations of the people in the state?    (a) Mining and metallurgy  (b) Farming, fishing, and blacksmithing  (c) Medical and legal professions

5. Which of the following is NOT a traditional occupation?     (a) Trading   (b) Carving

 (c) Software development

6. Which of these best describes the importance/benefits of traditional occupations?

   (a) They provide sustainable livelihoods and preserve cultural heritage

   (b) They offer opportunities for modernization and globalization

   (c) They contribute to pollution and environmental degradation

7. What is one traditional occupation commonly practiced in the locality?

   (a) Carpentry    (b) Dyeing  (c) Advertising

8. How are traditional occupations passed down through generations?

   (a) Through formal education and certification    (b) Through apprenticeship and oral traditions   (c) Through online training and workshops

9. Which of the following occupations is associated with animal husbandry?

   (a) Farming  (b) Cattle rearing  (c) Fishing

10. What is the role of traditional occupations in community development?

    (a) They promote technological advancements and innovation

    (b) They foster social cohesion and identity

    (c) They hinder economic progress and modernization

Theory Questions:

1. Define traditional occupations

2. List 8 examples of traditional occupations commonly found in the locality

3. Describe 4 of the traditional occupations listed in question2. Provide a brief description of each occupation. (Answer in 1-2 sentences per occupation)

4. State 2 importance and benefits of traditional occupations in the state

5. Explain the process of passing down traditional occupations through generations.

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