Subject: Cultural and creative arts                                                            Class: Basic 6

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

1. The purpose of tie-dye is to ____  (a) Create colours  (b) Create clothes  (c) Create patterns

2. Which one of these materials is required for tie-dye?    (a) Broom  (b) leaves  (c) thread

3. Tie-dye is commonly practiced by the ____ people.   (a) Igbo  (b) Ijaw  (c) Hausa

4. Which of these methods is not used in tie-dye?   (a) Folding  (b) Cutting  (c) tying

5. Rubber gloves are used in tie-dye process to prevent ___  (a) damaging the cloth  (b) getting caught  (c) staining the hands

6. ____ material is best for tie-dye.  (a) coloured  (b) Plain   (c) stolen

7. ____ is a type of pattern in tie-dye.   (a) drawing   (b) rolling  (c) Spiral

8. Can stones be used for tie-dye?    (a) Yes  (b) No  (c) Impossible

9. Which of these is not a use for tie-dye?   (a)  Decoration   (b) Adornment  (c) to hide blood stains

10. Dye can be applied to fabric by ____ & ____ method.     (a) Soaking and throwing  (b) pouring and soaking   (c) Hanging and Soaking


1a. Explain the term ‘TIE-DYE’ 

1b.  List 3 materials used for Tie-dye

2b. List 4 tools used in Tie-dye

2b. Explain one method/style in Tie-dye.

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