• Class: Primary 2
  • Term: 3rd Term
  • Week: 3
  • Age: 7 years
  • Period:
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Date:
  • Subject: Basic Science Technology
  • Curriculum Theme: Computer Studies
  • Topic: Uses of Smartphone
  • Content: Uses of Smartphone

Specific Objectives:

  • Cognitive Domain: Students will be able to list at least two uses of smartphones for social activities.
  • Affective Domain: Students will appreciate the role of smartphones in connecting with friends and family.
  • Psychomotor Domain: Students will demonstrate how to use a smartphone for sending a message or making a call.
  • Social Domain: Students will discuss the importance of responsible smartphone usage among peers.

Reference Materials:

  • 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
  • Abuja Educational Resource Centre Scheme of work
  • NAPPS National Unified Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks

Instructional Materials:

  • Smartphone model or pictures of smartphones
  • Videos showing smartphone usage
  • Charts with icons representing different apps and their uses

Rationale for the Lesson:

Understanding the uses of smartphones is crucial as these devices are a significant part of modern communication and social interaction. This knowledge will help pupils use technology responsibly and effectively in their daily lives.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:

Pupils are expected to have basic knowledge of what a smartphone is and possibly some familiarity with devices at home or through media.


Content Development: Uses of Smartphone

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeaching StrategyTeacher’s ActivityPupils’ ActivityLearning Point
Step 1: Introduction5 minsDirect teachingDiscussionIntroduce the topic and ask what a smartphone isPupils respond to questionsIntroduction to smartphones
Step 2: Uses Of SmartPhone 10 minsInquiryGuided discoveryGuide pupils to list uses of smartphones in groupsGroup work to list usesIdentifying uses of smartphones
Step 3: Demonstrations10 minsDemonstrationShowing and tellingDemonstrate how to send a message and make a callWatch and learnPractical understanding of smartphone use
Step 4: Group Discussion5 minsDiscussionCollaborative learningFacilitate a discussion on responsible usageDiscuss in groupsSocial implications of smartphone usage
Step 5: Note Taking5 minsWritingNote takingDictate notes for pupils to writeWrite notes in their booksDocumenting learned content
Step 6: Evaluation3 minsQuestion-answerAssessmentAsk questions based on the objectivesAnswer questionsTesting understanding
Step 7: Conclusion2 minsSummaryReinforcementSummarize the key points of the lessonListen and ask final questionsRecap of the lesson

Classroom Note:

Uses of Smartphone

  1. Communicating with friends and family through calls and messages.
  2. Playing games for entertainment.
  3. Taking photos and videos to capture memories.
  4. Using educational apps to learn new things.
  5. Watching videos on platforms like YouTube for entertainment and learning.
  6. Searching the internet for information.
  7. Using social media to connect with others and share moments.

Evaluation Questions:

  1. Can you name two ways you can use a smartphone to communicate with your family?
  2. What is one educational use of a smartphone?
  3. Why is it important to use smartphones responsibly?

Note to Teachers:

Customize the lesson content, teaching methods, and pupil activities to suit your teaching style, curriculum, and available resources. Engage students with real-life examples and encourage active participation to ensure a deeper understanding and retention of the topic.

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Last Update: April 17, 2024