Performance Objectives

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Cognitive domain: Identify Aba and Benin on a map of Nigeria.
  • Affective domain: Show appreciation for the cultural heritage of ancient Nigerian towns.
  • Psychomotor domain: Draw simple representations of an ancient town feature (e.g., the walls of Benin).
  • Social domain: Participate in group discussions about the significance of preserving historical sites in their communities.

Reference Materials

The following resources were used in planning this lesson:

Instructional Materials

The teacher will teach this lesson with the aid of:

  • Map of Nigeria
  • Pictures of ancient town landmarks (Aba and Benin)
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Textbooks and handouts

Rationale for the Lesson

Understanding the history and heritage of some ancient towns in Nigeria helps connect pupils with their past, fostering a sense of identity and continuity. It also aids in appreciating the cultural diversity of Nigeria.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge

Pupils are expected to know basic Nigerian geography and have an understanding of what a ‘hero’ or ‘heroine’ is from the previous lesson.

Instructional Procedures

Learning Area: Some Ancient Towns in Nigeria

Content DevelopmentTimeTeaching MethodTeaching StrategyTeacher’s ActivityPupil’s ActivityLearning Point
Step 1: Introduction5 minLectureSet InductionIntroduce the topic, define ‘ancient towns’Listen and ask initial questionsUnderstand what an ancient town is
Step 2: Locate Towns10 minDemonstrationUsing Visual AidsShow Aba and Benin on the mapIdentify locations on their own mapsIdentify the geographical locations of Aba and Benin
Step 3: Historical Facts10 minExplanationStorytellingExplain historical significance of each townListen and note key pointsLearn historical facts about each town
Step 4: Drawing Activity10 minHands-onGuided PracticeDemonstrate how to draw ancient town featuresDraw features of Aba or BeninDevelop psychomotor skills in drawing historical features
Step 5: Discussion3 minDiscussionInquiry-based LearningFacilitate a discussion on preservationShare thoughts on why preservation is importantDiscuss the importance of preserving history
Note-taking1 minWritingNote ConsolidationInstruct pupils to jot down key pointsWrite down what they’ve learnedEnsure retention of discussed content
Evaluation & Conclusion1 minQuestion & AnswerRecapitulationRecap the lesson, ask review questionsRespond to questions, review their notesAssess understanding and reinforce learning

Classroom Note

Some Ancient Towns In Nigeria; Aba, Benin

Meaning of Ancient Towns: These ancient towns in Nigeria are towns that have existed for many centuries and hold historical significance within Nigeria.

Location on Map:

  • Aba: Located in the southeast part of Nigeria, known for its craft and commerce historically.
  • Benin: Situated in the southwestern part of Nigeria, famous for its historical empire and bronze artworks.

Lesson Evaluation

To evaluate the learning, the teacher asks pupils to:

  1. Point out where Aba and Benin are located on a map.
  2. Name one historical fact about Aba and one about Benin.
  3. Draw a feature from either Aba or Benin.
  4. Explain why it is important to preserve ancient towns.

Note for Teachers Using My Lesson Plan

Hi there, remember that I didn’t make this lesson plan with any particular class or teacher in mind and I tried as much as possible with my experience and expertise to deliver this plan in a standard and effective style utilizing the best strategy and methods. Nevertheless, you are free to customize the lesson content, teaching methods, timing, and pupil activities to suit your teaching style, pupils’ comprehension, curriculum, and resources available to you. Happy teaching!

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