Class: Primary 4

Term: 1st Term

Week: 2

Age: 9 years

Duration: 40 minutes



Subject: Pre-Vocational Studies

Curriculum Theme: Home Economics

Topic: Meaning Of Home Economics

Content: Scope Of Home Economics: Foods and nutrition; Clothing and textiles; Housing and interior decoration; Home management; Child care, development, and family living.

Specific Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Identify the scope (areas) of Home Economics.

Reference Materials:

  • 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
  • Abuja Educational Resource Centre Scheme of work
  • NAPPS National Unified Scheme of Work
  • Course Book
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks (List your relevant textbook here)

Instructional Materials:

  • Pictures or illustrations representing the scope areas of Home Economics
  • Chalkboard/whiteboard and chalk/markers

Rationale for the Lesson:

Understanding the scope of Home Economics is essential for daily life skills such as cooking, sewing, managing a home, and raising a family. It prepares students for practical aspects of life.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:

Students should have a basic understanding of daily life activities and skills.


Content Development: The scope of Home Economics

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s Point/ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
Introduction 10 minsDiscussionAsk students what Home Economics means to them. Discuss briefly.Share their thoughts on Home Economics.
Identifying Scope Areas 10 minsIllustrations and ExplanationShow pictures or illustrations of the scope areas of Home Economics. Explain each area briefly.Observe the illustrations and listen to the explanation.
Class Discussion10 minsDiscussionEngage students in a class discussion about the importance of each area in daily life.Participate in the discussion and share their thoughts.
Evaluation 5 minsQuestion and AnswerAsk questions about the scope areas of Home Economics to test their comprehension.Answer questions individually.
Conclusion 5 minsRecap and DiscussionSummarize the lesson and encourage students to explore Home Economics in their daily lives.Share what they’ve learned and how they can apply it.

Note to Pupils:

Scope Of Home Economics

  1. Foods and Nutrition: This area focuses on the importance of a balanced diet, food preparation, and nutrition.
  2. Clothing and Textiles: This area talks about clothing care, sewing skills, and textile materials.
  3. Housing and Interior Decoration: This area covers aspects related to maintaining a home environment.
  4. Home Management: Home management involves household chores, time management, budgeting, and financial literacy.
  5. Child Care, Development, and Family Living: This area focuses on child-rearing, child development, and family dynamics.


  1. Can you name two areas within Home Economics that we discussed today?
  2. Why is understanding Home Economics important in our daily lives?

Note to Teachers:

Customize the lesson content, teaching methods, and pupil activities to suit your teaching style, curriculum, and available resources.

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