Term: 1st Term

Week: 7

Class: Basic 2

Age: 8 years

Duration: 45 minutes


Curriculum Theme: Civic Education 

Subject: National Value Education 

Topic: The Importance of civic education to national development 

Content: Meaning of national development. 

Specific Objectives:

  1. Define national development.
  2. Discuss the importance of civic education to national development.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge: Pupils should have a basic understanding of national development.

Rationale: Understanding the concept of national development and the role of civic education is crucial for the holistic development of young minds and their understanding of their roles as citizens.

Instructional Procedures:

Content Development: Meaning of National Development, Systems and Institutions of Government

Content (Steps)TimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s Points/ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
Step 1: Introduction5 minDiscussion– Greet pupils
– State the lesson objectives
– Explain the importance of the topic
– Respond to greetings
– Listen attentively
– Show interest in the topic
Step 2: Define National Development10 minExplanation– Define “national development” as the overall progress and improvement of a country.
– Discuss how development includes economic, social, and political aspects.
– Pay attention
– Repeat after the teacher
– Ask questions for clarification
Step 3: Importance of Civic Education10 minDiscussion– Explain what civic education is (learning about citizenship and government).
– Discuss why civic education is important for national development (informed and responsible citizens, participation in democracy).
– Listen actively
– Engage in class discussion
– Share thoughts on the importance of civic education
Step 4: Systems and Institutions of Government10 minVisual Aid (Charts)– Show pictures or charts of government systems and institutions (e.g., democracy, president, schools).
– Briefly explain their roles.
– Observe pictures/charts
– Identify and name government systems and institutions
Step 5: Evaluation5 minQuestion and Answer– Ask questions related to the lesson objectives to test understanding.
– Provide feedback.
– Answer questions
– Listen to feedback
Step 6: Note Copying5 minWriting – Dictate a summary of the lesson for pupils to copy into their notebooks.– Write the notes in their notebooks


Meaning Of National Development:

National development refers to the progress and improvement of a country in economic, social, and political aspects.

Importance Of Civic Education To National Development 

Civic education is essential for national development as it helps citizens become informed and responsible, fostering active participation in democracy.


  1. What does national development mean?
  2. Why is civic education important for national development?

Teaching Aids:

  • Pictures/charts of government systems and institutions

Note to Teachers: Please note that the actual content of the lesson, teaching methods, and pupil activities may vary based on your specific teaching style and curriculum or resources. Feel free to customize the lesson note to fit your needs.

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