Class: Primary 3

Term: 1st Term

Week: 8

Age: 8 years

Duration: 40 minutes


Subject: Basic Science & Technology

Curriculum Theme: Basic Technology

Topic: Importance of Developed Technology

Content: Importance of developed technology

Specific Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • List 4 importance of developed technology

Reference Materials:

  • 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
  • Abuja Educational Resource Centre Scheme of work
  • NAPPS National Unified Scheme of Work
  • Course Book
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks (List your relevant textbook here)

Instructional Materials:

  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Visual aids (pictures, diagrams)
  • List of importance of developed technology

Rationale for the Lesson:
Understanding the importance of developed technology is crucial in today’s world as it surrounds us in our daily lives. It enhances our knowledge of how technology impacts our lives positively.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:
Pupils should have a basic understanding of technology and its role in everyday life based on their age and experience.


Content Development: Importance of developed technology

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s ActivityPupils’ Activity
Introduction (5 mins)5 minsQuestion and Answer– Greet the class.– Respond to greetings.
– Ask pupils what they understand by “technology.”– Offer their understanding.
Exploring the Topic (10 mins)10 minsDiscussion– Discuss the concept of “developed technology.”– Listen and participate in the discussion.
– Use visual aids to illustrate examples.
Importance of Developed Technology (15 mins)15 minsLecture and Discussion– Explain the importance of developed technology.– Listen attentively and ask questions.
– Provide real-life examples and scenarios.
Recap (5 mins)5 minsQuestion and Answer– Summarize the key points discussed.– Respond to questions and recap.
Note Taking (5 mins)5 minsNote Making and Copying– Provide pupils with a list of 8 importance.– Copy the list into their notebooks.
Evaluation (5 mins)5 minsQuestions and Answers– Ask questions to assess understanding.– Respond to questions.

Note to Pupils:

Importance of Developed Technology:

  1. It makes life easier.
  2. It improves communication.
  3. It advances healthcare.
  4. It enhances education.
  5. It drives economic growth.
  6. It increases productivity.
  7. It improves transportation.
  8. It enhances safety and security.


  1. Why is developed technology important in our lives?
  2. Name one way in which technology improves communication.
  3. List two examples of how technology enhances education.

Teaching Aids:

  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Visual aids (pictures, diagrams)
  • List of importance of developed technology

Note to Teachers:

Customize the lesson content, teaching methods, and pupil activities to suit your teaching style, curriculum, and available resources.

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