Term: 1st Term

Week: 9

Class: Basic 2

Age: 8 years

Duration: 45 minutes


Curriculum Theme: Physical And Health Education

Subject: Basic Science And Technology 

Topic: Health Benefits Of Simple Jumps  

Instructional Materials:

  • Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Markers
  • Visual aids (pictures of kids jumping, health-related images)
  • Stopwatch or timer

Specific Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:

  • Mention 3 health benefits of simple jumps.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:
Pupils should be familiar with the concept of physical activities and movement.

The lesson on the health benefits of simple jumps is essential to introduce young learners to the positive impacts of regular physical activity on their overall well-being. By highlighting the benefits of simple jumps, pupils will be motivated to engage in this activity and develop a healthier lifestyle.


Content Development: Health Benefits of Simple Jumps

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s Points/ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
Step 1: Introduction10 minsInteractive Lecture– Greet the pupils.– Respond to greetings.
– Ask if they like jumping.– Respond to the question.
– Explain that today they will learn about the benefits of jumping.– Listen attentively.
Step 2: Benefits of Simple Jumps15 minsDemonstration– Display pictures of kids jumping.– Observe the pictures.
– Explain that jumping is a fun exercise.– Listen and respond.
– Mention that jumping helps strengthen bones and muscles.– Listen and repeat.
– Discuss how jumping improves heart health.– Listen and engage.
– Explain that jumping can make them feel happy and energetic.– Listen and show interest.
Step 3: Role of Jumping in Staying Fit10 minsDiscussion– Ask pupils if they know other ways to stay fit.– Think and respond.
– Discuss how jumping is a fun way to exercise.– Listen and contribute.
– Emphasize that they should jump safely to avoid injuries.– Listen and understand.
– Guide a brief discussion on warming up before jumping.– Listen and ask questions.
– Explain the importance of regular jumping.– Listen and take notes.
Step 4: Evaluation5 minsQuestion and Answer– Ask pupils to mention 3 health benefits of simple jumps.– Raise hands and answer.
Step 5: Note Copying 5 minswritingProvide a short note for the pupils to copyCopy the note into their notebooks

Health Benefits Of Simple Jumps

  1. When we jump, it helps our bones and muscles become strong.
  2. Jumping makes our heart healthy and strong too.
  3. It also makes us feel happy and full of energy.

1. Mention three health benefits of simple jumps?

Teaching Aids:

  • Visual aids (pictures of kids jumping, health-related images)
  • Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Markers
  • Stopwatch or timer

Note to Teachers:
Please note that the actual content of the lesson, teaching methods, and pupil activities may vary based on your specific teaching style, curriculum, or available resources. Feel free to customize the lesson note to fit your needs.

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