Class: Primary 1

Term: 2nd Term

Week: 6

Age: 6 years

Duration: 45 minutes


Subject: Basic Science and Technology 

Curriculum Theme: Physical & Health Education 

Topic: Games

Content: Safety Rules in Ball Games

Specific Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:

  • State safety rules in ball games

Instructional Materials:

  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Basketball or football
  • Poster or chart with safety rules
  • Visual aids


Content Development: Safety Rules in Ball Games

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s Points/ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
Step 1: Introduction5 minutesLectureExplain the topic of the lesson: Safety Rules in Ball Games. Discuss the importance of safety in playing ball games.Listen attentively and take notes.
Step 2: Safety Rules10 minutesDiscussionPresent and discuss the safety rules in ball games. Emphasize points such as wearing proper sports shoes, not playing in dangerous areas, and using appropriate protective gear.Participate in the discussion and ask questions.
Step 3: Demonstrations10 minutesDemonstrationDemonstrate how to follow safety rules during ball games. Show examples of proper techniques and behaviors.Observe the demonstrations and imitate the correct techniques.
Step 4: Group Activity10 minutesGroup workDivide the pupils into groups. Assign each group a safety rule and ask them to create a poster or chart illustrating that rule.Work in groups to create posters or charts.
Step 5: Evaluation5 minutesQuestioningAsk questions to assess pupils’ understanding of the safety rules in ball games.Respond to the questions and demonstrate understanding.
Step 6: Note Copying5 minutesCopyingProvide the pupils with a written summary of the safety rules. Instruct them to copy the note into their notebooks.Copy the note into their notebooks.


Safety Rules in Ball Games:

Safety rules in ball games are important rules to follow to ensure the well-being and safety of players. These rules help prevent accidents, injuries, and promote fair play.

Safety Rules in Ball Games:

  1. Wear proper sports shoes.
  2. Do not play in dangerous areas.
  3. Use appropriate protective gear.


Evaluation:Ask the pupils the following questions to evaluate their understanding of the safety rules in ball games:

  1. What are the safety rules in ball games?
  2. Why is it important to follow safety rules?

Teaching Aids:

  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Basketball or football
  • Poster or chart with safety rules
  • Visual aids

Note to Teachers:

Please note that the actual content of the lesson, teaching methods, and pupil activities may vary based on your specific teaching style and curriculum or resources. Feel free to customize the lesson note to fit your needs.

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