• Class: Primary 3
  • Term: 2nd Term
  • Week: 6
  • Age: 8 years
  • Period:
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Date:
  • Subject: History
  • Curriculum Theme: History
  • Topic: Nigeria People
  • Content: Some Early Heroes And Heroines In Nigeria (e.g., Herbert Macaulay And Taiwo Akinkumi)

Specific Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Cognitive Domain: Recall key events in the lives of Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi.
  • Affective Domain: Appreciate the contributions of early Nigerian heroes and heroines.
  • Psychomotor Domain: Demonstrate understanding through class discussions.
  • Social Domain: Collaborate in group activities to share knowledge about Nigerian history.

Reference Materials:

  • 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
  • Abuja Educational Resource Centre Scheme of work
  • NAPPS National Unified Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks

Instructional Materials:

  • Pictures of Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi
  • Timeline of key events
  • Biographical information handouts
  • Whiteboard and markers

Rationale for the Lesson:
Understanding the lives of early Nigerian heroes and heroines is crucial for appreciating the history and contributions of individuals who played significant roles in the development of Nigeria.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:
Students should have basic knowledge of Nigeria’s history and geography.


Content Development: Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeaching StrategyTeacher’s ActivityPupils’ ActivityLearning Point
Introduction 5 minsDiscussionQuestion and AnswerIntroduce the topic and ask what pupils know about Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi.Respond to questions and share existing knowledge.Activate prior knowledge about the topic.
Brief Overview 10 minsLectureStorytellingProvide a brief overview of the lives of Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi. Use storytelling to engage.Listen attentively and take notes.Gain a basic understanding of the historical figures.
Visual Aid 5 minsDemonstrationVisual PresentationShow pictures and a timeline of key events in their lives. Explain the significance of each event.Observe visuals and ask questions for clarification.Enhance understanding through visual aids.
Group Activity 5 minsGroup DiscussionCollaborative LearningDivide pupils into groups. Discuss the contributions of Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi.Share ideas within groups and actively participate.Foster collaboration and critical thinking skills.
Class Discussion 5 minsInteractive DiscussionQuestion and AnswerLead a class discussion on the key points discussed in the group activity.Respond to questions and contribute to the discussion.Reinforce learning through interactive discussion.
Note taking 5 minsWriting Note-TakingSummarize the main points. Guide pupils on taking effective notes.Take notes based on the teacher’s summary.Develop note-taking skills and retain key information.
Evaluation2 minsQuestion and AnswerQuizAsk questions about the lives of Herbert Macaulay and Taiwo Akinkumi.Respond to quiz questions individually.Assess understanding through a brief quiz.
Conclusion 3 minsRecapReflectionSummarize the lesson and encourage pupils to reflect on the importance of history.Share reflections and key takeaways from the lesson.Reinforce the significance of studying history.

Classroom Note:

Herbert Macaulay

Herbert Macaulay was born on November 14, 1864, in Lagos, Nigeria. He played a significant role in Nigeria’s nationalist movement, advocating for the rights and welfare of the Nigerian people during the colonial era. Herbert Macaulay passed away on May 7, 1946, leaving behind a legacy as a prominent nationalist, politician, and one of the early leaders in Nigeria’s fight for independence.

Taiwo Akinkumi

Taiwo Akinkumi was born in 1897, was a renowned educationist and women’s rights activist. She dedicated her life to promoting education and empowering women.


  1. What is one significant contribution of Herbert Macaulay to Nigerian history?
  2. How did Taiwo Akinkumi contribute to the empowerment of women?

Note to Teachers:
Customize the lesson content, teaching methods, and pupil activities to suit your teaching style, curriculum, and available resources.

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