Class: Primary 1

Term: 1st Term

Week: 8

Age: 6 years

Duration: 45 minutes


Subject: History

Topic: Components Of Family History II

Specific Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to;

– list 2 components of family history 

Sure, here’s a comprehensive Nigerian Basic Science lesson note for Primary 1 on the topic “Components of Family History II”, using the ASEI/PDSI Method:

Instructional Materials:

  • Pictures of family members
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Flashcards with family member names
  • Chart paper
  • Timer

Specific Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • List 2 components of family history


Content Development: Components of Family History II

StepTimeTeaching MethodTeacher’s Points/ActivitiesPupils’ Activities
15 minIntroductionIntroduce the topic and explain the importance of family history.Listen attentively.
25 minDiscussionDisplay pictures of family members. Ask pupils to identify and name them.Identify and name family members.
310 minExplanationExplain the concept of grandparents and their role in the family.Listen and ask questions.
410 minActivityUse flashcards to teach family member names like grandparents, parents, siblings, etc.Repeat and learn family member names.
Engage in a group activity where pupils identify family members on flashcards.Participate in the activity.
55 minRecapSummarize the components of family history.Repeat the components.
65 minEvaluationAsk questions: “Who are grandparents? Name two family members.”Respond to questions.
75 minNote copying Write down the important notes on the board copy the note into their notebooks

Family history helps us learn about our relatives. 


  • Family religion
  • Family taboos
  • Family culture
  • Family Language


  1. Who are grandparents?
  2. Name two family members.

Teaching Aids:

  • Pictures of family members
  • Flashcards with family member names
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Chart paper
  • Timer

Note to Teachers:
Please note that the actual content of the lesson, teaching methods, and pupil activities may vary based on your specific teaching style, curriculum, or resources. Feel free to customize the lesson note to fit your needs.

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