• Class: Primary 4
  • Term: 2nd Term
  • Week: 6
  • Age: 9 years
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Subject: Basic Science Technology
  • Curriculum Theme: Basic Technology
  • Topic: Air Vehicles
  • Content: Types Of Air Vehicles

Specific Objectives:

  • Cognitive Domain: Identify and describe three types of air vehicles.
  • Affective Domain: Show interest in learning about air vehicles.
  • Psychomotor Domain: Draw and label different types of air vehicles.
  • Social Domain: Discuss the importance of air vehicles in society.

Reference Materials:

  • 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
  • Abuja Educational Resource Centre Scheme of work
  • NAPPS National Unified Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks

Instructional Materials:

  • Pictures of various air vehicles
  • Drawing materials
  • A chart showing different types of air vehicles

Rationale for the Lesson:

Understanding different types of air vehicles expands students’ knowledge of transportation and technology, highlighting its importance in global connectivity and development.

Prerequisite/Previous Knowledge:

Basic understanding of transportation.


Content Development: Air Vehicles

ContentTimeTeaching MethodTeaching StrategyTeacher’s ActivityPupil’s ActivityLearning Point
Introduction5 minsInteractive LectureInquiry-based LearningIntroduce the topic of air vehicles.Listen and show interest.Introduction to air vehicles.
Explain Types of Air Vehicles10 minsExplanation and DemonstrationVisual LearningExplain and show images of different air vehicles.Observe and ask questions.Knowledge of various air vehicles.
Group Discussion5 minsGroup WorkCollaborative LearningGuide pupils to discuss the importance of air vehicles.Engage in group discussions.Understanding the social significance of air vehicles.
Drawing Activity10 minsPracticalHands-on ActivityInstruct pupils to draw and label different air vehicles.Draw and label air vehicles.Developing psychomotor skills related to the topic.
Note Taking5 minsWritingGuided Note-takingDirect pupils to write down notes.Write notes on air vehicles.Structured note-taking.
Evaluation2 minQuestion & AnswerAssessmentAsk questions related to the topic.Answer questions.Assess understanding of the topic.
Conclusion3 minSummationReflective LearningConclude the lesson, summarizing key points.Listen and internalize.Reinforcement of key concepts.

Classroom Note:

What Are Air Vehicles?

Air vehicles are modes of transportation specifically designed to travel through the air. They utilize various technologies to lift off, navigate, and land.

Types Of Air Vehicles

  1. Airplanes: Used for passenger and cargo transport.
  2. Helicopters: Known for vertical takeoff and landing.
  3. Hot Air Balloons: Use hot air for lift and are used for leisure.
  4. Blimps: Airships that are lighter than air, often used for advertising or surveillance.
  5. Gliders: Engineless aircraft that glide in the air.


  1. Name three types of air vehicles.
  2. What is the main difference between a helicopter and an airplane?
  3. Why are hot air balloons used

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